Lady Duchess - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret - Ca


Founder & Owner

Some girls dream of a big white wedding and kids, but this girl dreams of a burlesque family full of unimaginable talent, body positivity, and creative freedom.  Fave post-show snack: Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

Violet Lee Vamp - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret -


Founder & Owner

Violet LeeVamp’s favorite drink is fermented grapes with a side of bad decisions.  As Sweet Cheeks Cabaret’s Co-Founder and Co-Owner, she loves bringing as much sass, sex and fun to the stage as possible. Violet has been dancing since she could walk and singing since she realized she didn’t care what others think. She encourages anyone to live their dream vibrantly and with passion. When she’s not performing, you can catch her relaxing with her favorite creatures: Jagger, Jovi and Artemis. 

Velvet Allure - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret - B


Performer, Choreographer, Director

All that her name implies: sultry, strong & mysterious...Velvet Allure loves to venture into new territory with her art and is happy to call Sweet Cheeks her home for exploration.

Moscow Mule - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret - Bur


Performer, Choreographer, Director

A time traveling strongman from the 1930's, The Moscow Mule has some pre-show rituals that include lifting his triangular weights and wrestling his polar bear (at least that's what he's calling it these days!)

DeeDee S.Emme - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret - L


Performer & Costume Queen

Secretly, she's an introverted, straight-up nerd!  But the allure and costuming of burlesque has drawn her out of her shell!  Fun fact: Her fave post-show snack is the guac-bacon burger from Carls Jr.

Gentl'man Jack Eros - Sweet Cheeks Cabar



In a past life, he was a gymnast and a karate he's a sassy, classy cheeky!  Gentl'man Jack Eros brings flips, tricks, and action to the stage!




Hank VanDickerson has been a drag performer and host in Alaska for nearly 9 years, and cannot get enough of life onstage.  Hank is a passionate champion for animals, working at the Alaska Zoo and fundraising for various animal organizations. In their life offstage they enjoy time at home with their many pets, which include 3 cats, 9 chickens, many fish, 1 hedgehog, 1 gerbil, 2 parakeets, 2 turtles and their best friend, a tiny dog called Cher.

Bang-A-Rang Betsy - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret


Performer, Director, VIP Queen

This lovely lady has been a bomb expert for 8 years now, and uses every ounce of that ten-seconds-left, red-or-blue-wire adrenaline in every performance.  If you’re got trouble that might go bang, call Betsy. Favorite post-show snack: Molotov Cocktails.

Pandora LaPush - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret -


Performer, Choreographer, Director

With her unique blend of the mystical arts and her dance training, Pandora’s stage work is full of surprises.  She’s queen of the left-hand turn, the last minute miracle.  Don’t look away or you might miss it.

Bad Penny - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret - Ancho


Performer, Choreographer, Director

Bad Penny was kidnapped early in the last century by a traveling vampire circus, and has been dancing since before Josephine Baker first tried on tap shoes (and she was proud to call her a "friend").  Not the newest kid on the block, but certainly the one with the most trips around!  Post show she likes to take off her shoes and stretch out with a good book and a double Macallan (neat).

Ruby Raven - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret - Thin



This gal gets her stage name from her penchant for befriending black-winged birds.  She collects their feathers for costumes, and they’ve been known to leave her shiny trinkets as well.  Favorite post-show snack: Swan’s eggs Benedict with black truffles and caviar.

Harmoany DelFuego - Sweet Cheeks Cabaret



She went to school for acting in LA, but came to Anchorage to share her talent with us! Voted best local actress 3x by the Anchorage can see her perform all around town, either in a local production, singing in Chill Factor, or at a Sweet Cheeks Show! (obvi)