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Dirty Deeds
Audition notice

A murder mystery burlesque theater musical production.

Original script by Trixie Heart

Directed by Phoebe Fabrique

For more information, please contact

Sunday, December 10, 2023

in The Cheeky Room Downstairs at The Broken Blender

535 W 3rd Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501

Sign-in starts at 1:30 pm ┃ Auditions start at 2:00 pm

Callbacks will be held Monday, December 11 at 6:30 pm


Auditions are open to anyone age 21+ 


**Please note: Sweet Cheeks Cabaret is an adult entertainment company, and our shows include stripping down to partial nudity (underwear and pasties).**

All is not well in the sleepy town of Anchorage...

The Show:

All is not well in the sleepy town of Anchorage, Alaska. At the heart of downtown, there’s a block of old restaurants, landmarks, and one small theater that’s been around since the 1890s gold rush. These landmarks struggle to keep their places in the modern world, now that the decade has rolled over to the 1950s.


One of these little landmarks, the Cheeky Room Bar and Cabaret Theater, is where Detective Marlowe Noir keeps her office hours.  A cautious gal with a soft spot for showgirls, Marlowe solves the cases that the cops don’t have time for, and takes care of the people who fall outside the shiny lights of the city, those who struggle in the shadows.


Somebody’s gotta do it, but it don’t pay well.


The Cast:

There are no age/ethnicity preferences for any characters. All characters have singing, speaking, and dance requirements.


Note: All parts are written as female but can be genderswapped as desired/casting allows. 


The Detective - Marlowe Noir - a hard luck detective with a soft spot for showgirls.


The Voiceover - Also Marlowe Noir - is the inner voice of our detective. STAGE NOTE: The embodiment of the voiceover is performed on stage in the office of the detective’s mind. As Marlowe interacts with the rest of the characters, the voiceover makes connections between people and events, tracking the mystery as Marlowe questions and discovers things.


Club Owner - Vivian Velvetine - a femme fatale who’s scraped her way up from nothing to having a little spot to call her own. She’ll stop at nothing to keep her space safe. As for those who are in her space? Too soon to tell.


The Performer - Starlet Eclipse - a girl next door type. She’ll seduce you on stage, but offstage, she’s innocent. She swears! Charming and cute as a button, she’ll take your cash for a song. Also, she literally lives next door to the club.


The MC - Isabella Stardust - A good-bad girl, or a good bad-girl, whichever you’re looking for. This badass keeps a close eye on her friends and a closer eye on her enemies. Need to know what’s happening in the neighborhood? She’s the one who knows, and she’ll tell you, if you buy her a drink - at least if it’s top shelf.


The Bartender - Lola Martini - She’s got troubles of her own, and she doesn’t have time for your drama. She only has time for her own drama. Of which there may be some.


The Regular - Alexis Archer - There’s a reason she hangs around this club because she keeps getting laid. By more than one person. Maybe because she’s always buying everyone drinks, or maybe because she’s also just gorgeous.


The Sleazy Developer - Moxie Monopoly - She’s, you know, a developer. Who is sleazy?

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